Our most affordable plan. If you are on a budget and would still like to fix your credit score faster than plans offered by other credit repair companies, this is the plan for you.

Fix Credit Score

Elevate Plus

Our most popular and best value plan. This credit repair plan incorporates intense bureau investigations along with intense one-on-one credit coaching. Also includes a written credit coaching game plan.

Fix Credit Score

Elevate Premium

Our fastest most effective credit repair plan. If you need to reach your goals as soon as possible, this will be the best plan for you.

Fix Credit Score

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how we elevate

We have helped thousands of clients reach their dreams of home ownership, auto purchases and other credit goals. We tackle all the negative items on a client’s credit report for the maximum results. Combined with intense credit coaching to help elevate the scores as fast as possible. Most credit repair companies simply focus on the negative items and this is not enough. The reason we have helped so many of thousands over the years reach their dreams is our unique brand of credit coaching. We help 80% of our clients reach their dreams that follow the credit coaching plan we lay out for them. If you truly want real credit restoration you will give us a call today for your free consultation.

All clients will have an online account to login and track the progress of their file. Combined with credit monitoring and score monitoring our clients have full access to actions taken on their behalf. This allows for full transparency to a clients file and their progress. In addition, all clients will have one-on-one access to our credit coaching help desk where they will receive unprecedented credit coaching and credit education.

Your free consultation will include speaking with a FICO certified credit expert. We pull a copy of a client's credit report and do a complete analysis of the client's credit file. Highlighting the negative items and give a chance to give details and background on each item for fully compliant credit repair. A credit coaching plan will be started during the evaluation process for each client explaining the areas of the credit model they can focus on to help improve their credit scores. This plan will be utilized throughout the credit restoration. This is a unique credit repair process; one not find with other credit repair companies. The entire process is explained before joining our credit restoration program.


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