Credit 101 for Real Estate Chalk Board

Credit 101 for Real Estate-2 Hrs CE Credit- TREC Course Number: 37734

Provider: Busch Consulting Services, Inc - license: 10201

An overview of the Mortgage FICO Credit scoring model and the different algorithms used in the mortgage industry to compute a credit score. This course will provide the real estate agent with important information about how credit works and how credit scores are computed for mortgage credit scores. The agent will come away with knowledge of the different algorithms used to compute a credit score in the mortgage industry. Also why they differ in other industries and the Internet. In addition the agent will learn how negative items can impact a credit score and how credit can be built to help benefit a credit score.

This is an opportunity for Realtors to obtain a good understanding of credit and how it impacts the home buying process. This information can be important in helping the home buyer purchase a home whether they have credit score issues or not.

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