Reading your credit report Part 4: Detailed Credit Information

Details Credit Information

Most credit reports also give you more in-depth information about specific accounts.  This is also an important part of the credit report you’ll want to review for accuracy.

The following information may be reported for your account in this section:

  • Past Due:  The amount of payment overdue as of the most recent reported activity. Very recent payments may take a few days to appear on your credit report.
  • High Balance:  The most you have ever owed on this account. In the case of a credit card, this is the highest balance you’ve ever charged. For a mortgage, it is the initial amount of the mortgage.
  • Terms:  This is the number of payments you have scheduled with a creditor. Most commonly this applies to loan accounts. For example, an auto loan may have a repayment plan scheduled over 36 months and a home loan may have a repayment plan scheduled over 360 months.
  • Limits:  For a credit card or other revolving account, this is the maximum amount you are approved to borrow.
  • Payment:  This is the minimum amount you are required to pay each month toward the account.
  • Opened:  The date the account was opened.
  • Reported:  The last date when any activity for this account was shown. Activities include payments, credit card billings and changes in your terms. Very recent activity may not yet show on your account, since it takes time for it to appear in the credit reporting agency’s system.
  • Responsibility:  This indicates your responsibility for the account. For example individual, joint or co-signer.
  • Late Payments:  A summary of your 30, 60 and 90 day late payments over the past 7 years. Please note that the figures in the seven-year history include any late payments shown in the two-year history.
  • Remarks:  Notes about the status or condition of your account.


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