How to Use Credit Monitoring Services to Your Advantage atx

Credit monitoring services are an excellent way for home buyers, home shoppers, car buyers, credit card shoppers in Austin, Texas to keep tabs on their credit. With so many Austinites buying houses in this recovering economy, you’ll want to make sure your credit is up-to-date. Credit monitoring can help you do that by alerting you when there is a change in your score or if someone tries to open new lines of credit with your name. This will allow you to take action before a collector or creditor does something foolish like reporting erroneous negative items on your credit report.

A credit monitoring service is an online service that tracks your credit and alerts you when there are changes. When buying a home in Austin, Texas or any other big item such as an automobile it is important to know where you stand with your credit. There are many different options to choose from with credit monitoring services. There are some that just show a simple credit score and a few recommendations on how to improve your credit. To others that will show you all the details on your credit, and even other sites that will also help protect you from identity theft. We suggest choosing a credit monitoring service that will show you scores from three credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and Transunion), show you a full credit report, allow you to refresh at least every 45 days or sooner, and help you monitor your credit for identity theft. The credit monitoring service we recommend the most is IdentityIQ. IdentityIQ will offer all of these features and comes with a $1 million identity theft guarantee.

There are many financial situations that can happen unexpectedly. One of these is identity theft, which results in the consumer needing to spend money in order to get their credit fixed. A credit monitoring service will alert you when your personal information changes so that you can quickly take needed action. Many credit monitoring services has a feature that will alert you via text on any new credit inquiries. Here is a short list of credit monitoring services we endorse:

  • IdentityIQ
  • Credit Karma (Equifax and Transunion)
  • (Experian only)

The benefits for a home buyer in Austin, Texas of using a credit monitoring service are numerous. You can monitor your credit scores, see if you’re being scammed, and find out about new offers available to you that could save money on things like insurance premiums! It’s also possible to use some services proactively by setting up alerts for any changes in your account so you know when unauthorized charges have been made or if there is an increase in the number of inquiries on your report. There are many different options for a credit monitoring service from free ones with limited features all the way to very expensive plans that offer access to personal data through their portal. These various prices points make it easy for anyone who wants one (and has good enough credit) to be able to afford has the following offices:

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